Your Friend, Dawn

As I looked out over America, I asked myself a question.

“What voice is missing?”

I saw influential women shouting without compassion to pregnant women, “Don’t kill your baby.” I saw them standing up for the unborn they couldn’t see, but not the woman in front of their eyes.

I saw influential women demanding, “My body my choice, ” ignoring the devastating emotional pain abortion causes women.

I saw influential men pointing bony fingers at the throats of those who don’t know Jesus demanding them to walk the straight and narrow without the power of the Holy Spirit.

I saw influential men with Reverend before their name molesting boys in their congregations.

I saw influential women standing up for perverted men because they fit their political agenda.

I saw influential men and women make fun of people who are different than them, kick people when they’re down and then shove more money in their own greedy pockets.

Finally, I said, “Enough is enough! Where are the influential men and women who are passionate about Truth and Love? Where are the influential women who honor their bodies and help their sisters with pregnancies they didn’t expect? Where are the Reverends that stand up to the perverted bullies? Where are the Reverends that refuse to be hypocrites…and where are the influencers that will lead others whose hearts cry for Bible Truth with Love?”

I want to be a new voice.

I want to be that voice that says, “God loves you and your unborn baby…let me help you get through this.”

A voice that says, “Put your…back in your pants and get your hands off of God’s creation!”

A voice that doesn’t pretend that everything is ok.

A voice that hurts when you hurt and cries when you cry and laughs hard until we both pee our pants.

A new voice. Can we do this together? We need to. We must. I know I’m not alone.

Join all the friends at Instagram @dawnsober, FB @RevDawnSober, + You Tube @DawnSober. I will be posting a video in July called, “I Went Crazy on Acid.” I don’t want you to miss it! If you’d like to give to this endeavor, visit

P.S. This is truth and love. All truth and no love isn’t welcome. That creates hate.

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