I Made You Something!

Last week the first video of, “I Went Crazy on Acid,” entered the YouTube world. On Wednesday several of you joined me live on our FB Page for, “Fear You Don’t Own Me!” We declared together that the proverbial lion was no longer chasing us. Instead we decided to hold onto Isaiah 41:10 together. Have you remembered to say this verse when your heart is pounding, your hands are sweaty and your mind is anxious? To help you overcome, I made you a business card sized printable of “My Personal Isaiah 41:10.” Friends, let’s carry this in our purses, pockets or as a screen shot on our phones to help us overcome any and all irrational fears! That dirty little gnat!

Meet me on YouTube Tuesday, July 9th for Part 2 of, “I Went Crazy on Acid.” Then head over to FB Land for “What’s Up Wednesday?” We’ll continue our series on overcoming fear. If you’re loving the content of “Your Friend, Dawn,” please like, comment, subscribe, or follow on videos, Instagram, dawnsober.org and Facebook. This helps get our message of Jesus’s friendship out to more people.

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