Share Your Story…Don’t Waste Pain!

I understand fear. I understand pretending to be someone you’re not. I understand wanting to forget the past and move forward.

I understand.

But…what if? What if your pain isn’t only for YOU to learn from? What if your pain can prevent others from going down the dark path you know so well?

I’ve been sharing my bad trip story from 21 years ago. Why? Because I am a living story that there is a good God in heaven that cares. He cares about addicts. He cares about rebellious teenagers. He cares about your pain.

When you see me day to day, in my right mind, caring for my children and living a “normal life,” it is consistent evidence that Jesus is alive…but, if I don’t share my story, I just look like another elitist.

Will you share your pain, too? Forget the naysayers. Forget those who may judge you. Focus on those that need the freedom you have.

And…if you don’t have freedom yet? Keep tuning into my story. I think I’ve found the answer…

Your Friend,


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