Tomorrow, I Pitch…

In the words of Freddie Mercury,

"Dahling, I'm doing everything with everybody."

And yet…

I stopped.

For What?

For Jesus.

This is just ridiculous.

At least I and several others thought it was.

“You have the world at your fingertips,” she had said with blue eyes that were wicked with celebration, “don’t drop it.”

But, to them, to the world, to her…I dropped it when I followed Jesus.

But, to me, I gained the world. I gained freedom…and I did it by following the bible.

Now I’ve really gone nuts.

I still cry when I hear Freddie Mercury sing, “We are the Champions.” I feel his emotion deep in my bones, but…now that I’m not doing everything with everybody?

Well, I truly am the champion. Will you dare to join me? More to come…

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