At the Theatre

It was foggy and late
Or maybe that was me
I had no watch, you see
And I thought I was the bee's knees
It was snowing after all
You were coughing with cigar and bourbon
We laughed like we knew what we were doing

I was foggy and you were late
Or maybe that was the night?
The bath of gin that I floated in
Brought us both to forests of pine
Where we dined
On $7 bottles of wine
And the only thing fancy was the cracker
We laughed
I did

You were foggy and I was late
That never happened, you see
I'm always on time and first to drink wine
But we laughed, pitter patter
And thunked and clogged our way
Through Christmas chatter
Where you grabbed my waist and danced

I forgot the nightmare
I forgot the fog
I forgot the time
And we danced in the snow

"Dear Diary," coming-of-age poetry release date: 9/13/19
Pre-order here:

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